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Three creative wrapping tips

One of my favorite things about giving gifts is wrapping them. I normally find a color scheme to work with and add lots of simple details. Here are three favorite wrapping tips to take ordinary wrapped presents and make them truly special. And the best thing is, none of these ideas take Olympic level wrapping skills. Easy […]

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Pill Box Advent Calendar

Having small gifts to give to my favorite people during the Advent season is great fun! I was reading through this craft book and saw the idea of using an everyday pill box for gift wrapping. I’ve been waiting all year to repurpose the idea for our own Advent at home. A pill box is […]

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Colorful Advent calendar

Advent is coming up quickly (can you believe it!?). We love to give the kids a sweet surprise to count down the days during the holiday season. This colorful Advent calendar is great for stashing small treats, toys, and notes of fun things to do. The entire calendar is printable below. Along with the small […]

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8 weeks until Christmas

There are 8 weeks until Christmas! Can you even believe that? I’ve already started dreaming, planning, and yes even wrapping for the quickly coming holiday season. I am thrilled about the holiday content being created and can’t wait to start sharing it soon. I wonder how you are feeling about the upcoming holiday season. Are […]

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Paper streamer braided wrapping

When wrapping presents for a party I love to find simple elements to make my favorite gifts really stand out. A big, fussy, bow-filled wrap will never be my thing (Who has time for that when I was supposed to be at the party 20 minutes ago!?). Instead, I often find that a creative take on something […]

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