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how to make a pie cake

Okay… okay… I know that this time of year pies tend to own the market. But can I be honest – I prefer a cake over a pie ANYDAY! I am crazy, I know. Lucky for me this year, we don’t have to choose. I wanted the best of both worlds and was so pleased […]

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Baking Inside of a Pumpkin

There’s not much that beats carving a pumpkin this time of year. Except of course, if we are cutting it up to bake a freaking cake inside! That my friends might just win my – “favorite thing of all time” award. Can you imagine? The awesomeness of our beloved fall pumpkin + a cake! Perfection. […]

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candied jewel cake

This year give the birthday princess what she wants – jewels. Glitzy, blingy jewels – in the form of candy that is! Make her day by combining your favorite royal colors with chocolate for a cake that will make her grin. Make an extra batch of candy jewels for party favors tied up in simple […]

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chalkboard birthday cake & candy chalk

The end of August has always made me feel like school should be starting again (no matter how old I get). I begin to feel nostalgic about all those years of backpack carrying I had. This chalkboard cake is a perfect solution for my classroom desire. A fun way to start the “school year,” whether […]

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chocolate mint terrarium cake

One of my best friends here in Reno is Kat Gieger. She just came out with an awesome book about terrariums – it showcases really fun and unique ways to create and display terrariums. I was going to just simply tell you about the book, but then we thought of the most fun way to […]

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