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25 party cakes

We have been working hard on a few new blogging series for this season – one of them is all about cakes! I could not be more excited to see these creative and easy ideas that I’ve been dreaming up actually come to life. Look for the first one later this week. In the meantime, […]

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Peppermint Sprinkles

A sweet way add a special touch to your holiday desserts. Homemade peppermint sprinkles taste great and are easy to make. Top a cake with the red sprinkles for a pretty Christmas effect, mix into ice cream for a special treat, or package in small containers to give as gifts to your guests and friends. […]

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five easy cranberry recipes

Combine this tart holiday fruit with everything from cheese to chocolate and quickly whip up holiday treats that everyone will love. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to make this traditional fruit great. Sugared cranberries make a perfect seasonal treat. Wrap them up and soak in Bourbon for great gifts. Bowls of […]

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rotten brownie eggs

Nothing gives off the spooky chills of the season quite like a rotten egg. Make this whimsical version with food dye and fill it with a brownie for a special Halloween sweet. Perfect for October gatherings or to bring for school treats. To make the rotten brownie eggs begin by piercing a hole in each […]

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