Pool Party Games To Play


6 milk based smoothie recipes

This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk. Smoothies have become essential in our morning routine. It is my sneaky way to fill the family up with a days worth of fruits, veggies and protein before we even get dressed. Our smoothies give us the am boost we all need to start our day off right. […]

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The best watermelon mojito

We opened our first watermelon of the season last week – it was ripe, ready and a sweet taste of early summer. Eating watermelon freshly cut is an everyday tradition during the warm summer months, but just in the last year have I noticed the great taste it has for drinks, salads and sweets. After […]

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Floating watermelon drinks

We are having the best week of vacation; mostly just relaxing at the pool and enjoying the beach. I saw this idea for floating watermelon recently and couldn’t wait to try it out. Drinking from a watermelon in the pool seemed like a perfect project for our spring break trip. And I am happy to report […]

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Berry flavored milk

This post is sponsored by fairlife ultra-filtered milk. As much as I love pies, cakes and sweets of all kinds for a party… in everyday life, I try to ensure my kids are eating somewhat healthy. To ward off the desire they seem to have developed for enjoying chocolate milk every night of the week, […]

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