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The cutest lollipop bunny covers

Inside: The cutest lollipop bunnies covers ever! These adorable lollipop favors will make an adorable showing this Easter. They are just so cute! Give as favors or keep a stash in the kitchen for yourself – hand the bunnies out in classes, or sneak them into lunch boxes for lollipop treats wrapped up in spring cottontail cuteness. How […]

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Flower straws

Flower straws! A completely last minute idea I thought up while hosting our recent crafting night. We had a stash of leftover blooms and a stack of straws that needed a little extra something. The combination ended up being my favorite detail of the entire party. Doesn’t that always happen? The easiest, simplest idea so often […]

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Green Leprechaun Lemonade Drink

Inside: A festive green lemonade we like to call The Green Leprechaun! St. Patrick’s Day is coming up in just a week. Even with our crazy exciting launching of Materially Crafted, the holiday has not been forgotten. With small kids in tow, the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is definitely turning normal everyday items green. […]

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Star studded balloons and sangria floats

The Oscars are coming up this weekend. Do you watch? I find it’s always more fun to watch with friends. Pulling together a last minute viewing party can be easy with a couple simple details – an easy party appetizer (like soft pretzels) to nervously eat while awaiting the envelopes, sticker star balloons to liven […]

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