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Perfect Mini Apple Cakes for Back to School

Inside: Mini Apple cakes. I don’t about you but my kid’s start back to school THIS week! That means we are spending our days re-learning habits, coming up with school lunch ideas, meeting teachers and connecting with parents. But no need to worry, these mini apple cakes make going back to school a little sweeter!  […]

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The Best Campfire Dump Cake

I love this easy and yummy campfire dump cake recipe. It is sweet, delicious and one of my camping favorites. The most important part of making this cake is to make sure you DO NOT STIR the mixture. I know, I know, it seems unnatural to not stir all the ingredients together, but I promise you it will turn out wonderful. Trust me.

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Whipped Cream Fruit Jello Shots

Inside: Whipped cream fruit jello shots Everyday is better with brunching. And nothing makes a brunch better than colorful sweet drinks. Instead of serving a cocktail this summer opt for a festive Jell-O shot! These fruit jello shots may be reminiscent of sorority days, but are now perfectly grown up in their style. The whipped […]

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Colorfully Fun Tie Dye Icing To Try

Inside: How to make colorful tie dye icing.  Anyone else love icing as much as me? I’m that girl that is like “give me the corner piece!” when it comes to cake or picks the donut with the most icing. I am a firm believer that icing is what makes a good dessert great, see […]

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