Pool Party Games To Play


dixie cup cake

Simple cakes that can be made in small paper cups! What a perfect idea for a mid week dessert, or party passing alternative. I tried the concept out this week and knew I immediately needed to share. Perhaps to replace the food on a stick phenomenon, we can start a new trend… food in a […]

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sugar sprinkled glasses

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for bringing a bit sweetness into a busy winter week! For a last minute gesture, give your morning glasses a sugar rush with this simple sugar sprinkle tutorial. To make these sugar sprinkled glasses use a thin layer corn syrup and a handful of colored sugar sprinkles. Plastic alphabet […]

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minature cakes and assembly

Gold is the new black, and mini is the new cupcake! Served on a festive coaster this is a decadent cake to call your own. Dressed to the nines and topped with a shear mini lime green pom-pom. Make the pom-poms by holding two fingers together. Wrap the tulle around five times and cut. Carefully […]

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Valentines Hearts Milk Ice Cubes

Inside: Make these sweet Valentine milk ice cubes for your Valentine bash with the cutest heart ice cube trays! With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I am excited to share a couple Valentines hearts projects to celebrate the holiday with subtly and style. These Valentine’s hearts milk ice cubes are a sweet surprise for your man’s morning coffee […]

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bright fortune cookie favors

I found the brightest fortune cookies last month at my local World Market and grabbed a bag of them immediately knowing they would be useful for a party. Using tweezers I took out the sayings that came inside of each cookie and replaced them with my own hand written, “thanks!” creating this super easy, bright […]

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