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The Yummiest Chocolate Marshmallow Candy Treat

Inside: A yummy chocolate marshmallow candy treat! The coming few weeks will give us ample reason to indulge. Try these sweet and easy chocolate marshmallow cups for a homemade twist during treat season (you don’t even need an oven). The recipe makes just enough to bring for a classroom party and is rich enough to keep your closest […]

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dark chocolate maple leaves with sea salt

During our first year of marriage I was ecstatic to learn how to bake. I grabbed this recipe and spent an entire Saturday making my first totally from scratch cake. It took forever! Although, I’ve never made the entire cake or marzipan pumpkins again, I did fall for the idea of making chocolate leaves and have enjoyed a batch […]

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pumpkin seeds three ways

Every year we wait eagerly for the opening of our first pumpkin. The seeds of which are baked and devoured in a single afternoon. I’ve tried every variation on the seeds imaginable over the years and here are my favorite three combinations. Any of which would make a great afternoon snack, or when bagged up […]

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rotten brownie eggs

Nothing gives off the spooky chills of the season quite like a rotten egg. Make this whimsical version with food dye and fill it with a brownie for a special Halloween sweet. Perfect for October gatherings or to bring for school treats. To make the rotten brownie eggs begin by piercing a hole in each […]

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