Pool Party Games To Play


apple pie a la bow

Wanting to serve up a summer dessert worthy of festive party style? Stick to tradition and make folded apple pies, but mix the idea up and serve them each with a bright pretty bow! The miniature fold-over pies made with the simple recipe below are a dessert that anyone can manage and when served up […]

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reusable drink carrier

Be a good (and stylish) guest this summer and bring your BBQ drinks in a reusable fabric drink carrier. Then leave it for your host to enjoy! To make the carriers use a rectangular piece of fabric about a yard long. Fold it up, cut to size and glue into place. At each end use […]

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sweet glazed bananas

Next week will be all about BBQ’s around here. First, I wanted to share this easy dessert that you can make just as easily on a stove top as you can on a grill (for those without BBQ’s). Sweet glazed bananas that will make your guests dream of the Caribbean beachfront, no matter where you […]

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gourmet yogurt pops

We have finally had our first truly warm week here! To celebrate I made yogurt pops. I’ve been inspired by many stores selling gourmet Popsicles this season and decided to add in a bit of baking glitter, sprinkles and colorful stars for the kids. The turned out really pretty and tasted great when devoured on […]

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