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cilantro and corn summer pizza

On a hot summer weekend making pizza at the grill is a fun way to celebrate, a great meal to serve for a small gathering of friends outdoors. The actual process is quite creative. With the ingredients laid out around a table, your company will enjoy helping in the process of crafting their own pizza. […]

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easy summer appetizers

The second of our summer contributors is a new friend, Gabrielle Ramsey, an event planner and passionate chef. I had the pleasure of enjoying a few of her gourmet creations this spring, everything she makes is incredibly taste worthy! For her first post she put together homemade Cilantro Hummus and Herbed Goat Cheese for an […]

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dip dyed ice cream cones

The kids and I spent this last week visiting family in Las Vegas and laying out in the sun. It certainly feels like summer around here. As a welcome to this beautiful season sticky, drippy ice cream seems the only appropriate “hello”. I dip dyed these cones to give a bit of celebration to our […]

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the healthiest cake

This raw cashew cake made by Sarah looks amazing! It would also be a very healthy way to celebrate this summer. Do you ever worry about the health of your party food? I tend to be a believer that festive times deserve indulgent treats, but this cake looks so good it might be a perfect […]

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waterproof drink labels

Since many of the iced tea combinations looked similar I needed to label each bottle. While searching for something different than flags for this project, I stumbled upon an extra piece of laminated paper lying around. A bright (cartoonist) light went off in my head. Waterproof labels… of course! Making your own waterproof labels is […]

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