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3 refreshing summer float recipes

With warm days ahead, we have been running to ice cream every chance we can. Although, I love Popsicles – there is something a special about an ice cream float. The extra step it takes to layer the ice cream, with a sweet drink, makes any day feel special. To make your own day even […]

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party hat popsicles

Today is the twins last day of preschool – summer officially starts next week! We are ready to enjoy our freedom, the pool, and of course loads of Popsicles. For a fun last week of school treat I used a stash of party hats to make molds for these extra large Popsicles. They make for […]

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shredded carrot ice cream

Homemade ice cream is something I love to make. While, rolling it out in mason jars is definitely the most fun – this carrot ice cream recipe tastes so much creamier and includes real, raw carrots! Cookie cutting the ice cream bars into carrot shapes gives a fabulous way to present the treat for spring, […]

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ice cream birthday squares

Looking for a sweet way to celebrate an ice cream lovers birthday? These ice cream birthday squares are so festive and fun! They’ll be an instant hit and can freeze in a couple hours. Claire made them for us, using an ice cube tray as the mold (we’ve done that before!). They’re are a fabulous […]

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