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five easy cranberry recipes

Combine this tart holiday fruit with everything from cheese to chocolate and quickly whip up holiday treats that everyone will love. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to make this traditional fruit great. Sugared cranberries make a perfect seasonal treat. Wrap them up and soak in Bourbon for great gifts. Bowls of […]

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Holiday Open House

The Christmas season is a time to open our homes to each other. We celebrate, feast and drink to a season of hope and joy. Embrace the party, invite other in, no matter what your flaws your house may hold. A little spray paint, ribbon and good company make all the difference. Just ask this […]

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Favorite Holiday Traditions

Traditions are a staple in our family during the holidays. They are paths that we go through to know where we are going and where we’ve come from. They are intentional events and celebrations of what we want our children to learn, and how we want to teach them to celebrate. ‘Everyday’ and ‘especially’ traditions […]

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Bourbon Infused Sugar Cranberries

To continue in my cranberry obsession; this version of infusing cranberries in bourbon and then sugaring them is amazing! The taste is tart, meets sweet, with a side of wow! The infused cranberries are a perfect option for a last minute Thanksgiving dessert and can be used for cocktail parties, open houses, and quiet evenings at […]

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