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wrap it up | in stitches

Hand stitched wrapping paper is an easy way to put a sweetly personal touch on your holiday gifts. Use festive words, names, or designs to give each present a special and unique presentation. To recreate the design, first measure out the box top in the correct place on the wrapping paper. Freehand or stencil a […]

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holiday favorites

Before we jump into the new holiday season I want to take a minute to recap my favorite projects and events from last year… A sketched holiday celebration, at the beach and Christmas in a bottle. Hot cocoa ornaments, a thread wrapped countdown, stamped ribbons and a glitter stamped pear. A chalkboard Christmas tree for […]

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Dreaming of a white Christmas

Merry Christmas to you. I am so glad to finally share my third holiday shoot, done all in white with a festive metallic touch. A Christmas morning brunch filled with little doughnut ornaments, scrumptious macaroons and pretty pears hand-stamped for the celebration! A perfect note to end our wonderful holiday season together… The table dressed […]

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New Years Countdown

This season I had the pleasure of joining Liz on her festive blognog series. I shared a sweet Christmas countdown with easy DIY instructions. Although Advent is almost over, I thought it would be a fun way to continue the holiday festivities by counting down the New Year. Follow the instructions found here except stamp […]

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Flags for Christmas morning

Now that we have young children, I feel very strong about having solid family traditions. We’ve talked a lot this season about which holiday traditions we will incorporate into our celebrations. I wonder what some of your favorite Christmas traditions include? I would love for you to share. One tradition we surely agree on is […]

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