Cute Valentines Day Crafts


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The best Easter pies

This post is sponsored by ConAgra. It’s almost Easter! Are you ready to celebrate? I’m so glad you loved our spring pie topping ideas so much. Here are four more ways to update your pies and update the Easter dessert table to make a beautifully sweet statement. Dying coconut is the easiest way to make edible grass […]

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Cinnamon roll bunnies

This post is sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese. There are some traditions that only get better over time. We started serving these adorable cinnabunnies a few years ago and they have become a spring staple in our house. Every year I’ve learned a new trick to make them taste even better. Last year I started using this […]

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Birthday cake Easter eggs

Having a birthday around Easter is great fun! There are always chocolate bunnies still lingering around for scrumptious birthday breakfasts, and cakes baked in eggs are a sure fire way to make the day special. Any type of sweet baked in an egg can be fun – brownies perhaps? Make a dozen of these birthday […]

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Fruit inspired Easter eggs

Easter eggs inspired by our favorite fruits! Nothing beats the taste of peaches, lemons, limes, and watermelon this time of year. Watching our baskets begin to fill with the new crop of farm fresh fruit is a glorious part of spring. Why not take that bright bounty to our Easter eggs as well? Outfitting these boiled eggs […]

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