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Fourth of July

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Paint can deck candles

The early summer evenings in the mountains are incredibly cool and beautiful – I can’t help but be outside every chance I get. To create a pretty glow outside I reach for candles this time of year, but burning tapers every night can get costly. Instead, we filled old paint cans with wax and a wick – […]

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why don’t we – make an icebox cake

We are taking the rest of the week off for a vacation and to celebrate the Fourth of July. I love this mid-summer holiday. The mix of the heat and the patriotism creates the best kinds of fun (so many great 4th of July ideas). With the holiday and the heat, this weekend is the […]

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firecracker straws

We are always looking for ways to make Fourth of July firecrackers something even the littlest kids can enjoy. These firework straws are a great way to bring the sparkle and fun safely into the afternoon. They are bright, shiny, and a festive way to sip celebratory drinks. To make the firecracker straws, start by […]

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summer stargazing party details

We held our first party of summer last week – a night of stargazing. The party started in the evening, before the sun set. We grilled veggies and enjoyed a really great chocolate cake. When it was time to watch the stars, we laid out on our large canvas picnic cloth and looked up toward […]

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