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Why be a normal girl on Halloween when you can be a Candy girl?! This fun last minute candy girl costume idea will come together in no time and bring all the festive fun along the way.

Candy Girl Halloween costume for teenagerHurry run find every colorful thing in your closet and put it on, because tonight you will be the most fun candy girl in costume you ever did see! I love a great Halloween costume that you can wear from teenager to adult and can be pulled together with basically everything you already own at home!

Last minute Halloween costume ideas

And just incase you need a few other last minute costume ideas, Halloween is just over 1 week away!

Candy girl party costumeLast minute Halloween costume ideas - candy girl

Candy Girl Halloween Costume

To make this candy girl Halloween costume you will need:

  • Laffy Taffy
  • Pom poms
  • Bobby pins
  • Hot glue gun
  • String
  • Sewing needle (strong)
  • The brightest lipstick you have

candy girl costume DIY

Candy girl costume necklace

To make the candy girl costume necklace: Simply string as much Lafffy Taffy as you would like (try not to eat it all) and layer necklace as much as your heart desires.

Candy girl hairstyle

To get your hair up in candy girl style: Braid hair, maybe make a braided crown, or simply put your hair in a messy bun!! Any updo will do!

Then add in the pom pom bobby pins: To make the fun candy style bobby pins with pom poms, simply hot glue the poms to bobby pins and add as many to your hair as you see fit!

Candy girl partyAdd in jewelry and a fun candy hued skit. Then swipe on some lipstick and boom you got the perfect candy girl costume attire for this Halloween!!

(Post photography & modeling A Subtle Revelry done by @jovannaPenney & @Jeneaeng).

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