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Flair Pin Halloween Costume

We love the flair pins that have popped up everywhere this last year for adorning our backpacks & jean jackets. Turn your favorite one into an easy last minute Halloween costume. Our kids have gone through phases where they’ve been incredibly picky about exactly what clothes they want to wear, which can make wearing intricate Halloween costumes difficult to do. […]

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Pool Float Halloween Costume

When I say Halloween. You say Easy! I am so excited about this year’s first Halloween costume because it is absolutely the easiest costume there ever was. You may know by now that I am not a fan of difficult to create, sewing involved types of costumes. October is a crazy month for all families, […]

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Party fan Halloween costume

Continuing our Party Costume Series for Halloween this year a party fan seems like a fabulous way to dress as the party. Or to be the party! All this costume involves is some paper and an imagination. So simple and fun. Pair it with a honeycomb, a birthday cake, or our recent cotton candy Halloween costume and bring […]

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