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10 Simple DIY Paper Masks

Masks are a special addition to any outfit. They can transform a look instantly! Every child’s favorite activity includes slipping on one of these DIY paper¬†masks and instantly become an animal, a superhero or a princess. Everyone can join in the fun with these 10 simple masks to make. 10 of my Favorite DIY Paper […]

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DIY Baby Bouquet Halloween Costume

Needing a cute baby and mamma costume this year? Look no further than your favorite dinner party inspiration. A bouquet of flowers of course! This adorable DIY baby Halloween costume is perfect to hold your newborn in while walking the streets, and sweet enough for a waddler to waddle about in. Plus, after Halloween, these […]

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DIY Girl Costume

Light up your little gals life with this simple Ikea hack DIY girls costume. This fun and festive vibe will light up even the darkest Halloween night. To Make This DIY Girls Costume You’ll need two large-sized white party lanterns, one small party lantern, glue, and colorful ribbons. Cut an opening to fit around the […]

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Amazing Halloween costumes for grown ups

I know our lineup of kid’s party costumes may tell a different story this year, but… Halloween isn’t just for the little ones. If you like dressing up just as much as the trick-or-treaters, then these costumes will definitely inspire you! Whether you need a costume for the whole family, you and a special someone, […]

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Triplet Honeycomb Halloween Costume

There’s nothing like Halloween to encourage dressing up! Like most kids, these girlfriends love to dress up and match! Making this triplet honeycomb Halloween costume is a fun way to create a look that is as adorable for all. The honeycomb is quickly becoming the iconic mark of modern birthday parties and these life-size ones […]

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