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halloween costumes

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birthday cake halloween costume

Halloween was never my favorite holiday… until I had kids. Now it has become one of the most fun holidays of the year! I mean – dressing up, getting candy, saying hello to 3,000 strangers. It is a 4-year-old’s greatest dream. To encourage the festivities, but not the spook, we are making one big ole’ […]

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natural dyed face paint

Halloween is a fun holiday for our kids, but making sure it’s a nontoxic one can be difficult. I first made a version of this natural face paint when the twins were babies. Needing a green face for Frankenstein and fearing the unnatural chemicals on my baby’s skin. This project uses simple fruits, veggies + natural (non-fluoride toothpaste) to make […]

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fringe confetti Halloween mask

This project was inspired by the confetti-fringe-streamer trend, and my need for fun + affordable Halloween options. An owl mask, made from a paper bag and streamers! It’s a favorite around our house this year. Plus, it’s an easy costume for for kids or adults. With the eyes having cut-outs to see through (safety first!), and worn over […]

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dress up masks

Do you dress up for Halloween? I have never been big into the holiday, but with the kids dressing up now it is so much more fun. The twins are going as Raggedy Ann and Andy this year! If you are looking for just a little something to wear, masks are an easy way to […]

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