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halloween pumpkins

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why don’t we – carve a pineapple?

We are headed out to the pumpkin patch for round one of pumpkin picking this weekend. We do an early pumpkin carving and another one just a couple days before Halloween. This year I am incredibly intrigued by all the awesome carving I see going around on things other than pumpkins. I mean, if you think […]

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embroidered pumpkins

Looking for a different and (VERY) pretty way to carve your pumpkins this year? Look no further than a bit of yarn, a needle, and paint. Embroidered pumpkins have everything we love about carving, and the criss-crossing strings add a nice graphic punch to the mix. Using yarn and a simple pattern, you don’t even […]

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Baking Inside of a Pumpkin

There’s not much that beats carving a pumpkin this time of year. Except of course, if we are cutting it up to bake a freaking cake inside! That my friends might just win my – “favorite thing of all time” award. Can you imagine? The awesomeness of our beloved fall pumpkin + a cake! Perfection. […]

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office supply pumpkins

Creating pretty pumpkins without a carving knife isn’t hard with a few office supplies at hand. We used paper brads and pushpins to create these kid friendly, office ready pumpkins at a moments notice. They are festive,  and can be made in five minutes flat – for a very confetti filled Hallow’s Eve. Make the […]

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