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How to make concrete vases

We’ve been having so much fun playing with some new materials this summer as we’re finishing up the book. This project could be considered a bit of an out-take if you will.

Concrete is something I’ve used in the past but was reminded that, although messy to work with, you can use it to create really beautiful pieces with very little investment. These single bloom vases are both graphic and soft, which would be amazing in large quantities at a wedding or party. I love them filling the end of a book shelf, and especially love the ability to fill them with just a single bloom for a pretty display

Concrete vases step by step


To make the single bloom concrete vases, purchase a bag of concrete from your local hardware store. I always use a cheap trash can to mix mine in, because it is tall enough to prevent spilling, and small enough to work with small amounts.

Pour the mixed cement mixture into cardboard boxes to make your basic vase shapes – use small boxes, shoe boxes, or cut down cereal boxes. Stick a chopstick into each vase to make the bloom hole and let dry. Remove the chopstick when the vase is set but not completely dry.

Once the vases are completely dry removed the cardboard box mold and fill with flowers. They will hold a small amount of water for the blooms to be displayed.

Photography in collaboration with Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry.

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