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Mother’s day

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Bright & Easy DIY Dreamcatcher

Inside: Make easy DIY dreamcatchers with this how to make dream catcher patterns Making a DIY dreamcatcher is a wonderful craft for everyone from beginners to the most skilled. Twining the yarn and placing the beads is a simple concept, and based on your skill level these DIY dreamcatchers can easily become great works of […]

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25 Crafted Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday that always sneaks up on me, and I end up wishing I had spent a bit more time and thought on it. I mean, if you are going to craft a present for ANY holiday – isn’t Mother’s Day the perfect one? So here are 25 favorite projects to make […]

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Scarf wrapped floral bouquet

No one will treasure a thoughtful bouquet quite like your mother. Pick up a gorgeous textured scarf, a handful of pretty blooms, and give her this creative arrangement for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any important day. To make the scarf wrapped bouquet you will need 8-10 stems of your favorite flower (we used lilacs), floral tape, […]

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nutella crepes and almond croissants

I am happy to introduce you to Athena Plichta today. She is a photographer with a love for all things scrumptious. You’ve seen her work in the last couple issues of Styled. magazine here and here. Athena will be contributing a recipe once a month for the Thursday food series and I really hope you […]

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aged cloth message for mom

Mother’s Day can be a difficult to plan when there is distance between you and mom. Here is an easy idea that you can whip up this weekend to send her way. A sweet message that will last. Instead of a card, print your words of adoration on a pretty linen tablecloth. If words are […]

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