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St. Patties

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How to make a fake tattoo with sharpie

Inside: How to make a fake homemade temporary tattoo with sharpie.  St.Patrick’s Day always tends to catch me off guard. I wake up incessantly searching for something green. This year I have all I need to miss out on the pinching with the use of a sharpie and these festive Saint Patrick’s Day temporary tattoos. Here is […]

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Whisky Sugar

Have you ever tried an Irish Coffee? This year I’m enjoying one with whiskey sugar added! It’s a great treat to serve in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Make the perfect Irish Coffee with the help of our homemade whisky infused sugar recipe! We created this sugar with the tastiest whiskey we love. It lends […]

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The Easiest St. Patricks Day Garland

Inside: The cutest St. Patricks day garland St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! I am not Irish, or very lucky, but any chance to celebrate I tend to love. I made this felt Shamrock St. Patricks day garland to decorate our house in about two minutes – it is the easiest garland I’ve ever made. […]

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A Cootie Catcher Perfect for St. Patricks Day

Inside: How to make a cootie catcher You may be asking, “What is a cootie catcher?” Well, let me throw back to grammar school days, we use to love playing with these during recess. We loved feeling like we could predict our future husbands, careers and if the cute new boy would have a crush on us! So to spread that playful luck, I’m going to show you […]

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