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winter animal cup cozies

Now that it’s quite chilly, we’ve been quickly replacing our lemonade for cider and cocoa – and these cozies are the best (read: cutest) way to have fun while enjoying fall beverages. How adorable would it be serve up drinks after a feast with these turkeys to grasp, or handing out cider at an open […]

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Colorful Crochet Tablecloth

It’s kinda difficult to come by really pretty tablecloths, but making one at home can be an affordable and simple project. This colorful crochet doily tablecloth is a great way to fancy up a feast, or a gorgeous gift to hand a friend this holiday season. I love the infusion of bright and bold colors […]

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25 ways to make a pie

Now that it’s November, I have pie on the mind. Last year we stamped words into our pies and braided a perfect crust, but I was looking for a bit more creative inspiration to end this month’s epic feast. Here are 25 amazing ways to make a pie. A great pie. The kind of pie […]

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11 ideas for your post-halloween pumpkins

Happy Halloween! We are decked out and ready for the fun over here, and have a lawn full of pumpkins embroidered, pinned, and painted to share with the neighborhood. Tomorrow our pumpkins will still be here and, over the years, I’ve found some fun ways to reuse them and extend their lives a bit longer. […]

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