Pool Party Games To Play


wooden and gold candles

I love the graphic touch these candle bring into a room. They are easy to make and will quickly help not just the warmth, but also the romance in your home. A perfect use for old candles you might have stored away! Don’t you think a package of four small ones would make the perfect […]

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gold frosted balloon bowls

A gorgeous bowl to make your home feel a bit less bare now that the holiday decor has come down. Make your own with a balloon, newspaper and a handy homemade paste recipe… Create a papier-mâché bowl by first making a paste. The best version is made by mixing 1 part flour to 5 parts […]

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oversize wooden blocks

These over-sized blocks will bring a dose of brilliant fun for the kids this winter. I originally crafted them for the twins bedroom and they’ve received much playtime and love since then. Although the project looks huge it is actually very simple and would make a perfect statement under your tree or in the home […]

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