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Teaching Our Kids To Give At Christmas Time

Teaching our kids to give of themselves at Christmas time doesn’t come easy most years. They are mostly focused on what presents they want to receive, so we go out of our way to encourage the kids to give to others in the form of gifts, donations, or time. It’s important for us to teach them to understand the importance of giving back and appreciating what they have.

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Making Sick Days Fun With A Sick Day Care Kit

Sick days are no fun for anyone! Whether you are the kid who’s sniffly and sad or the mom who’s taking a day off to care for your sweet littles, sick days are usually no fun!I’ve always hated that on a day you need cheering up the most, it’s the least fun day of them all.So, I’ve created these fun sick day kits

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What’s In My Soccer-Mom Bag

This post is sponsored by Allegra and SheKnows Media. With school starting back up and our sports seasons picking up again, I am sadly turning in my beach bag and my travel bag to pick up my soccer mom bag again. The change from summer season to back to school season has the starkest contrast […]

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Our IVF Success Stories – A Happy Ending

With Mother’s Day coming up I know we all celebrate in different ways. I am grateful to have mom who I adore still around to gush on. Also reliving our IVF success stories and having my babies by my side means we have a lot to celebrate every May. Although, I know for many of […]

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Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen Review

Summer is our favorite season of the year, well, ever since we moved to Reno/Tahoe. Whether it is meeting friends at the lake, enjoying a backyard BBQ, or just busting out a slip-n-slide on the lawn, there’s nothing quite like summer. Somehow these long days tend to produce the fondest memories that last a lifetime. What’s on your summer bucket list? We have found that the best way to get the most out of summer is to be prepared for all the kids summer activities early!

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