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7 Tips for Overcoming Party-Hosting Anxiety

Girls Birthday Party Ideas

There are many standards to meet when hosting a party, including your own, which can make you feel anxious and stressed before you host your party. There are a number of barriers to overcome party-hosting anxiety, such as perfectionism, overpreparation, bad or absent role models, and of course, fear of the unknown. By identifying the […]

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20 Fun Movie Night Ideas

Movie Night Ideas

Inside: 20 Fun Movie Night Ideas Going to the cinema to watch a new release is a fun and exciting experience, but it can be a hassle. The seats can be uncomfortable after a while, the queues are boring and there is always someone that insists on talking just as the movie is getting good.  […]

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Virtual Graduation Ideas to Celebrate Class of 2020

virtual graduation ideas

Inside: Virtual Graduation Ideas to Celebrate Class of 2020 Graduating from high school, college, or graduate school can be one of life’s most memorable and rewarding milestones. That’s why virtual graduation celebrations are so important right now. Whether it’s your first degree or your third, graduating is a time of recognition for all the hard work you’ve […]

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6 Ideas for a Fun Girls Night In

Girls Night

It’s important to make time for a night with just the girls. It’s easy for all of us to get caught up in the stress of our everyday lives with work, significant others and much-needed me-time. But dedicating one night every week or every month to just hang with the girls will keep your friendship […]

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