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at home | clover bracelets

We’ve been spending the warm summer afternoons outdoors and daily making clover bracelets to wear. My daughter and I put together a few extra to bring around to our neighbors this week. Favors for no reason! They were adorned with simple tags saying happy summer.

Is clover bracelet making a memory of yours from past summers? They are incredibly easy to make and last a whopping 6 hours or so:) Simply tie the end of one clover around the base of the next ones flower until you get a long enough chain to tie together. An impromptu project to reach out for the last bits of summer, this last day of August!



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  1. Never done this with clover, but we used to make these with daisies all the time – takes me back to school sports days in the sunshine, watching all the sporty kids running around while we just sat chatting and laughing and making daisy chain after daisy chain!

  2. I used to LOVE making clover necklaces when I was a kid! This brings back so many fond memories of warm summer days, lying in the grass, watching the clouds, reading Nancy Drew…lol. Lovely.

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