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Celebrate picnic month- Finalist #4


Our last picnic was submitted by Natalie who enjoyed an adorable & messy picnic afternoon with her kids. I instantly fell in love with the joyful family she has.

In Natalie’s words: I’ve been planning our little strawberry outing all month to get just the right picnic photo. But as I looked my photos over, this shot of my baby stuffing his face was the best moment from our lovely family outing. Blanket ignored, crustless sandwiches untouched. One happy little baby plopped down in the dirt. Sometimes you just have to roll with it, otherwise you’ll miss the truly sweet moments.

The kids were so messy after the picking was through, we loaded then in the car and continued our picnic at home (after a bit of washing).

I can’t imagine a better summer delicacy than homemade strawberry shortcake with strawberries straight from the patch – or a better ingredient for a lovely picnic!

Happy Picnicking- you have until 3pm Wednesday to vote for this picnic.