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Celebrate today: Bling… bling… sippy cup

Here is a little insight into my brain for all of you: I accidentally say something aloud (ie. etching would look great on baby bottles) then I get so excited I cannot even stop to go pee before needing to make it happen.

As, it turns out…

Etching does, in fact, look quite fabulous on sippy cups (the toddler bottle form). This would be cute for a party or to simply celebrate snack time today.

Make it yourself:

Follow the how-to for wine glasses, using the word “milk”. I found cinnamon to be the best spice at sticking to the plastic sippy cups. Oh, and be extra careful to wipe off any remaining corn-syrup around the stencil or you will find it in your little ones hair later on;)

Adding in a little sparkle from cake sprinkles is lovely as well.

Bling… bling… bling…

PS. I told you the babies would still be loitering around here;)


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