stay awesome

I did not plan to write this post. I have big intentions of starting back up the blogging series next year, but this post could not wait. This week, I was exhausted from the month of crazy shooting, book editing, sponsor-post-everyday, and the holiday season. And I was thinking about the New Year and the goals I am putting in place.

And I realized something – all my goals stem from gaps where I notice myself, my business, and my life being anything less than extraordinary.

When it comes down to it, our goals are simply things we want to be better at. Things we just didn’t nail this year. Things we kinda stink at. Thinking about it all was making me feel incredibly defeated. I may have even shed a tear or two about it.

Which is CRAZY! Because although I can’t check every box on this years “self report card,” we had a great year! The blog is doing great – I’ve never been happier with our daily content. I wrote a book. I celebrated my 10-year anniversary with the love of my live, and the 5 year birthday of my kids. And yet, there is always a reason to feel defeated.

It seems so easy in our Blogging/Facebook/Pinterest world to always be striving for something more. And we should strive for sure… Grow that business, make your house gorgeous, home school those kids – do the things you really want to do!

But isn’t it fitting this time of year – before we jump into the lists and plans and drama of 2014 to stop and count our blessing and take a few minutes to enjoy them? It’s been a good year. Crazy for sure, but good.

So let’s not allow our brains, checklists or goals to tell us different! Deal?

Here’s to celebrating our successes. Grab a scratch paper and write down everything that was awesome about 2013. Every goal you accomplished, every good thing you did, every smile you bestowed. Every awesome thing you wrote, shot, created, designed and loved.

Write down even the things you accomplished that you didn’t intentionally set out to do.

Remind yourself that you are awesome! Because you are… Then we can start in on the goals for next year.

Poster by A Sensible Habit.