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Celebrating What Makes You, You

M23 Testing ReviewWe’ve had some family things happening behind the scenes this last season. Heavy things that are not very revelrious, but we are big fans of celebrating around here even through the trials. Fasting and feasting. Mourning and clinking… both are such big parts of our life. I think we could all use a little more encouragement to make both sides of the equation even bigger parts of life.

As a part of embracing this hard news and in an effort to learn more about what news I might bring to our family someday, I took the leap and ordered my own M23 testing kit this summer.

Have you done it yet??? It’s a DNA kit that is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done, I can’t stop telling everyone to consider doing it as well.

The company offers an ancestry only option & an option that includes all the DNA medical markers and how specific DNA combinations could increase or decrease your likelihood of different things.

Would you do a test like this? It was fascinating – and might change your view of your own self. If you’d like, you can order a kit here.

How to translate your M23 DNA codeI opted for the medical version because I was interested in finding out if I had a specific chromosome issue. If you’ve ever wondered about certain family history traits, taking this test can really bring the inner workings of your body to light.

Once I ordered the kit it came within a couple days. I spit into the value (so easy to do!), and sent it back. Six weeks later came my report online and it was amazing to see everything that is summed up in our DNA, since birth! To find out a couple specific health related questions – I downloaded my full genome code and inputted it into this site: Genetic Genie which takes the medical information and goes much more in-depth about it.

Even if I didn’t have the medical need to take the test, it still was amazing to learn so much about my own DNA code. A few of the really interesting things I learned about myself just from the data that M23 presents:

  • I process caffine really well and most likely drink more of it than you. ;) Which is totally true of me and my entire family!
  • I have the muscle build of an elite athlete – YAY for big thighs! Which means making time to work out and be healthy is really important to my well being.
  • I am not actually mostly Italian as I’ve been told my entire life (gasp!), I’m actually a mix of British, Irish and Italian. No one seems to know where the British came from, so there is obviously a family secret to be found. Ha!
  • They can even tell from my DNA that I am a light sleeper and will most likely have insomnia, which is something I’ve dealt with my entire life.

I also was able to find out I don’t have the specific gene associated with a prevalent health issue in my family and it brought such an enormous peace of mind knowing that! It also showcased some areas I do need to think more intensely about to ensure I can be healthy in the best possible way.

One of the more unique features is that 23andme will connect you with everyone you share DNA code with that has taken the test (an optional experience). So 5th cousins who might live in your city that you didn’t know you had, now you could meet! What an interesting way to connect our worlds even smaller.

23andme DNA testing23andMe is offering 23 people the chance to take a trip somewhere in the world based on their DNA ancestry. Go here to order a kit by August 3rd (TOMORROW!) and be entered to win a trip. Travel packages are valued up to $20,000 and include round-trip airfare for two, five nights of accommodations, a customized itinerary and more.

(Photography for this post ©Reuben Wu and ©Xunbin Pan/Stocksy United).

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