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Chalk Board Party Hat

The second hat in our creative party hat series is just sweet enough to fit into any child’s birthday, and hits the right touch for school, home, or a summer blow-out party. A chalkboard hat, made out of the simplest material of all – construction paper! The everyday black construction paper – when adorned with chalk – takes on new life as a {mock} chalkboard canvas for any type of birthday wish.

To make the chalkboard birthday party hats you will need black construction paper, a simpel party hat template, chalk, ribbon, a hole punch, and tape.

Begin by cutting out the hat template from the construction paper. Roll the paper into hat form and temporarily tape into place. Measure a good spot for the side holes and mark with chalk. Unroll the hat and hole punch through the two dots.

To create an easy way to wear the hat, run a length of ribbon through the two holes and out the top. Re-secure the hat with pretty washi tape, or glue, and be sure the ribbon ends are coming out the top of the hat. Measure the hat this way on each child’s head and tie with a bow for a secure party hat fit.

Finish the hats by chalking out birthday wishes, names, or numbers to celebrate your little ones special day.

Posts in this party hat series are styled and photographed by Carly Taylor under the creative direction of Victoria Hudgins for A Subtle Revelry.


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