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challenge | key to my heart

*Welcome to the winter celebration challenge, so fresh and so clean. Where four designers have styled handcrafted party scenes to compete for a readers choice award + one incredible grand prize. This is stylist number four, do you think she should win? Vote and tell me why (you can vote for as many parties as you’d like this week!).

A winter white picnic designed by Courtney, editor of the very successful site Pizzazzerie. She styled this sweet spot for snuggling up with a loved one and sharing hot cocoa, sweet treats, and luxurious blankets under the trees. What a perfect plan for the weekend ahead!

Courtney’s picnic featured a few amazing treats, she served mini dark chocolate cups filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa alongside coconut truffles and petit fours from A Perfect Bite in Nashville, TN. They went perfectly with the color scheme and the extra glittered crystals added an extra sparkle. Local Nashville chocolate was served along with heart shaped mini marshmallows. Small “mints” were added to give the hot cocoa a fresh mint flavor!

Keys were a subtle theme throughout the picnic, hung alongside the fence and scattered throughout the design. Keys have such an old, vintage romantic feel which Courtney found intriguing to contrast with the fresh and clean theme. The scrumptious sweets rested on a handcrafted wooden tray, perfect for holding your treats and mugs at a picnic.

Check back later today for this wooden tray DIY project. Plus you have 48 hours to add a comment if you’d like this celebration design to win!



  1. Love, love, love this one! Definitely want this one to win! It’s beautiful Courtney! Great job:):)

  2. Love Countney’s winter picnic!!!!!!!! Made me want a petit four!
    Very creative. I vote for her….number 4!!!!!

  3. I love this one! So creative! It’s the little dark chocolate cups with hot cocoa and marshmallows that put me over the edge. Too sweet!

  4. LOVE the hearts in the chocolate ~ everybody knows that chocolate is the key to your heart ~ right? Really well done!

  5. Ok, I want all of this, my anniversary is on the 16th this month and I can totally see myself snuggling up with my adorable husband and this yummy little spread — better get out the lipgloss! :) MWAAA — Courtney is so amazing!!!

  6. I love the keys! So cute! I’m from Nashville and I think it is great that she used local vendors. Looks like a cozy and romantic date I’d want with my man for sure!

  7. Oh so pretty! But everything Courtney does is just that – oh so pretty!!! Loving all the white and the keys. Fabulous job ;-))


  8. Love the dark chocolate hot cocoa cups! That would be an absolute win if my hubby did that for us! :) I may have to do it for him though!

  9. I vote #4, Courtney! This is so wonderful and magical, and at the same time, it is real, not cheesey. Thanks for bringing romance together with a sense of “romantic real love”. That is the best. The white against the dark chocolate just pops, and the warmth of the hot chocolate with the warm colors (dark chocolate color, wooden box, vintage details) and the warm blankets against the chill of all that white makes you want to get cozy with your honey! Hooray, #4!

  10. Olive & Sinclair chocolate!!!! That’s my friend’s company- soooooo yummy!! I vote for this one! (not just because of that, I love all the white and the keys.)

  11. Always love Courtney’s style! Very classy and well presented. The tiny chocolate cups with marshmellows are a nice contrast to the other white decor. That along with the subtle display of keys which I assume represent “keys to ones heart” make this a very well developed theme! Nice job Courtney! :)

  12. Looks so gorgeous and yummy, Courtney, like always!! Love it, you never fail to impress!! Good luck!

  13. Love Courtney’s design, a sure winner. This is so simple, classic and romantic. Great job Courtney. Love the vintage keys!

  14. I really love this. It’s so beautiful and I think it really appeals to me at the moment because I would love to be cold and enjoying a winter picnic! Have a great weekend and I can’t wait to hear all the exciting news next week, Stephie x

  15. Courtney is AMAZING at what she does! Always an inspiration & this is just another example of that!!

  16. BEAUTIFUL! I live in a small coastal town on the west coast and we do not see much snow. The old keys mixed with the winter fun reminds me of when I was a child and would visit my Grandparents. Grandma would make us hot coco and she always had homemade treats for us. You get my vote!