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challenge | winter craft party

* Welcome to the winter celebration challenge, so fresh and so clean, where four designers have styled handcrafted party scenes to compete for a readers choice award + one incredible grand prize. This is stylist number two, do you think she should win? Vote and tell me why (you can vote for as many parties as you’d like this week!).

A winter craft party, designed and style by Brittni the owner and curator of papernstitch, a fabulous online handcrafted marketplace. Also the author of this blog, where she writes daily including a slew of amazingly cute DIY projects. I absolutely adore her eye for choosing lovely handcrafted stores to feature and her wonderful DIY project styling.

A winter craft party, the perfect way to invite a few friends over and pass the time of a cold evening. Keeping with the casual atmosphere of a few close buddies, and the challenge theme, Brittni decided to keep the decorations minimal (clean) and just add some beautiful (fresh) flowers, along with a couple of finished examples of the DIY project for inspiration. She finished off the table with a gorgeous old scarf in lieu of a table runner, bringing in texture while keeping the evening simple.

Birch tree vases are a great way to bring a handcrafted look to a table. When paired with a modern celebration design and a few scientific beakers they bring a gorgeous and fresh aspect to the party. Local flowers including ranunculus and tulips brighten up the winter evening well, plus a few crafting stations with finished projects laid out make for an inviting table that would beckon even your most uncreative friend to join you at.

Check back later today for Brittni’s DIY custom soap carvings. Plus you have 48 hours to add a comment if you’d like this celebration design to win!