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Cheese spread jewlery

I shared earlier about my plan this year to take you through the corners of my home that I’ve designed to be celebratory, giving a bit of inspiration for injecting party design into the everyday interior. Here we go, month one!!! The dresser beside my bed is host to my jewelry collection- laid out as an alluring cheese bar, beckoning me for seconds before I begin my day.

I adore fresh flowers and keep them in small vases to enjoy alongside vintage jewelry boxes, which are a steal at thrift stores and have so many fabulous uses, see them as cookie holders here. A pretty cake stand should never be shoved away when not in use, pile it high with broaches for the perfect treat everyday!

Earrings hang on thread making for a pretty take on bunting and a small cheese grater is jovial spot to showcase handful of pretty studs.

Fancy soap is a needed luxury for chapped winter hands. Sliced off each morning it’s a festively delectable way to celebrate in a little way the mundane everyday.

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