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Cherry Chocolate Popsicles

Cherry Chocolate Popsicles

The weather is finally beginning to turn for us here and I couldn’t be happier! I adore our snowy winter and just as much look forward to the hot summer ahead. To get our palettes ready for the warmth I tried out and quickly fell in love with this cherry chocolate popsicle recipe Kirsty Begg created. It is refreshing, packed with goodness, and positively treat worthy all at the same time!

We altered the ingredients to be a little easier to create and I’m loving the idea of setting this up as a popsicle bar with all the toppings laid out for my dinner guests to enjoy. Dessert made easy for the many warm nights ahead.

Incase cherry isn’t your favorite popsicle flavor – here are some other favorites to try:


Cherry Chocolate Popsicles

Cherry Chocolate Popsicles

Cherry Chocolate Popsicles

To create a similar version of the the cherry chocolate popsicles we used:

  • Cherry yogurt with fruit pieces included
  • Hard chocolate drizzle
  • Coconut flakes
  • Almond shavings (the origional recipe called for pistachio, but I think almond tastes even better in this combo)

1. Fill a classic popsicle mold with the yogurt and allow to freeze and harden fully in the freezer, about 6-8 hours.

Cherry Chocolate Popsicles

2. Make as many popsicles beforehand as desired. To do this with a single mold, just pop them out and stack the hardened ones onto wax paper. Refill and repeat as many times as necessary.

When the dessert is ready to be served, take the popsicles out and drizzle the hard shell chocolate along with the other toppings. For an easy party dessert idea – set out the toppings for guests to pick their own. Like an ice cream bar, but without the need for cups or spoons!

PS. A painted cooler for storing popsicles.

(Photography in this post and origional recipe we adapted ©Kirsty Begg/Stocksy United).

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