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Chicken Chips Dipping Bar

This post has been sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

For kicking off the most fun sports season of the year, we’ve created a quick and easy DIY chicken dipping station with Tyson® Any’tizers® Chicken Chips. Having a dipping station is the perfect way to kick off a fall tailgate or game watching party; it’s easy to create, easy to clean up and a sure win for all your guests.

To set up the dipping bar, we start with the background. Using a disposable table cloth or a length of wrapping paper to cover a large cutting board or even a part of your kitchen island will allow you to lay out the chicken + the dipping sauce in a fun and innovative way.

Plus, at the end of the party, just roll up the paper and cleanup is a breeze.

Decorating the space with easy-to-toss elements like paper napkins in your teams colors, tape drawn lines to represent the field, or fun confetti helps the spread scream party without much extra work.

Using the Tyson® Any’tizers® Chicken Chips gives us the benefit of real, quality chicken that is an easily dippable size—so perfect for your fall sports entertaining & social gatherings.

Whether you are serving up the guys, the kids, or everyone in the room, these BBQ flavored chicken chips are a fun way to reinvent game time snacking with quality food that is fun to dip and eat. :)

We were able to pick up everything from Safeway for our game time dipping bar, and their mobile app makes it super easy to order and pick up our food without breaking a sweat.

Choosing dips for our dipping bar was a fun element to the dipping bar. We picked a BBQ, a blue cheese and a mustard style dip to ensure that everyone had something they loved for dipping their Any’Tizer chicken. We put each of our dipping sauces into their own little bowls and set out along with the chicken which made for an easy dip and try selection to enjoy throughout the party.

In addition to the chicken for dipping, we’ve picked 3-6 of our favorite sauces to lay out on the spread—allowing for fun combinations and great game time matches.

What’s your game time plan this year? If it involves serving up snacks, try out a dipping bar and see how easy it is to serve a hungry crowd—fast.

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