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chocolate mint terrarium cake

One of my best friends here in Reno is Kat Gieger. She just came out with an awesome book about terrariums – it showcases really fun and unique ways to create and display terrariums. I was going to just simply tell you about the book, but then we thought of the most fun way to display the concept… in cake form!

Making this terrarium cake only takes a couple steps and no serious baking skills. It is really pretty and would be perfect for a shower, kid’s birthday party or garden party. I love how much like an actual terrarium it looks under the cake dome and the entire cake is eatable – YAY!

To make the chocolate mint terrarium cake you will need: 1 box of chocolate or devil’s food cake mix, 3 eggs, vegetable oil, water, 1 can of pre-made vanilla icing (or homemade vanilla icing), green food coloring, edible flowers, fresh spearmint, and chocolate rock candy.

Start by baking the cupcakes in two different sized muffin pans and allow them to thoroughly cool. Use a bread knife to separate the muffin tops from the muffin bottoms. Set muffin tops aside for later use. Gently crumble muffin bottoms into a pile on your glass cake stand in order to mimic dirt.

For the mossy mounds scoop half of the vanilla icing into one small mixing bowl and half into the other. Add several drops of green food coloring to one bowl and approximately twice as many drops into other bowl so as to create two different shades of green. Use a knife to cover approximately half of the muffin tops with light green icing and half of the muffin tops with dark green icing. Place muffin tops atop the chocolate dirt pile, mimicking moss mounds.

Cover the holes between your “moss mounds” with chocolate candy rocks and sprigs of spearmint. If desired, place edible violets or pansies atop sprigs of spearmint. Place glass cover on glass cake stand and take lots of pretty pictures because you just made a terrarium cake!

Although the cake is not actually in Terrariums Reimagined (that’s just for us here!) – there are other great ideas for terrariums that could be made to go alongside this cake for showers, parties, and the home. Preview and buy the book right here.


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