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The Sweetest Christmas Brunch With Sara Lee Desserts

Christmas season is here and our schedule is chock full of dinners, evening parties and the like. We wanted to get some of the girls together, so instead of competing with the crazy evening schedules we decided to throw a brunch!

I love brunches for a lot of reasons. They are wonderfully low-key compared to a glitzy evening party, they are relaxing to attend, and with Sara Lee Desserts they are super easy to throw.

How to host a holiday brunch

We poured mimosas and used our favorite All Butter Sara Lee Pound Cakes to create a holiday brunch spread that was as fun to enjoy as it was to set up.

One of the things we love about serving Sara Lee Desserts is how easy they are to make look fabulous! The All Butter Pound Cake is my favorite base flavor – it’s rich and perfect for the holiday season and goes great with so many different toppings. For a sweet brunch option we topped it with berries, chocolate drizzle and whipped cream.

Since the pound cakes come ready to serve, it makes it easy to host a holiday party without being overwhelmed by the cooking and prep work involved.

Holiday brunch theme ideas

Looking for a reason to host a holiday brunch? Here’s a couple easy go-to brunch ideas:

White Elephant Exchange – topping our fun list of Christmas games every year is a white elephant exchange. Always a great excuse to get the friends gathered and share in fun and revelry together.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Crafting – Create your own ugly Christmas sweaters as a perfect reason to connect for brunch this month. Have everyone bring an old sweater base and have all the craft supplies laid out for the using. Think puffy paint, tinsel, hot glue and pom-poms. Mingle and leave with the perfect sweater to wear to that obligatory office party.

Gift Wrapping – everyone is stressed to get all their shopping and gift wrapping done this month. Instead of making brunch one more thing on your list, do them both at once! Friends will leave with all their gifts wrapped and have had a great time connecting over sips and sweets.

Maybe my favorite reason to host a brunch ever though is for a fun tree trimming party. Invite the girls over to help you trim your tree and have a blast while doing it. We had fun ornaments laid out and easy options for finger food that won’t the tree messy.

Invite everyone over in their pajamas early in the day for a no-stress event that is everything fun we love about the holidays.

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Tree trimming brunch ideas

When setting up a tree trimming brunch it’s super easy because the activity and the decorations are one on the same.

Lay out all the ornaments on the table for a gorgeous presentation when everyone shows up and allow the ornaments to be placed on the tree as you mingle and enjoy the sips and sweets. It creates a fun way to ensure you get the most joy out of your effort this time of year.

Don’t forget about using fun party elements like balloons on your tree! They’ll make the entire morning more festive and fun.

Serve up brunch in a way that will bring your favorite people together this year with Sara Lee Desserts. The pound cakes come in a couple great flavors like All Butter, Triple Chocolate and Lemon. They also have a Classic Cheesecake that is a crowd favorite at every event we throw.

This post is done in partnership with Sara Lee Desserts. 

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