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christmas character cookies

reindeer cookies

I’d like to dub the week before Christmas – “Annual Cookie Week!” It seems that about this time every year we begin to indulge in those little guys. Plates start showing up at the office, school parties are hosted with a request for batches, and friendly neighbors stop by to convince us to taste their favorites.

I’ve always loved a simple and sweet approach to the season’s treats, which is why these sketched Christmas character cookies have been a huge hit at home this year. The kid’s love how easy the cookies are to decorate and they look great with minimal effort.

reindeer cookies

angel and reindeer cookies

angel christmas cookies

To make these sketch-backed cookies, start by baking and decorating with a simple sugar cookie and frosting recipe. We used circles for the reindeer and angel cut outs for the angel wings. You could also experiment; flying reindeer would be fun! While the cookies are cooling; download, print, and cut out the templates for use.

printable angel and reindeer cookies

Angel and reindeer christmas cookies

Once your cookies and templates are ready to go, make a sugar paste by mixing together 1/2 cup powdered sugar with a couple drops of water. Mix until you get a glue-like consistency. Brush the sugar paste onto the paper and place the cookie onto it to “glue” it together. You can color the wings and antlers, or just leave them white for a subtle and pretty cookie display.


Project design and photography by Sibylle, of Funkytime for A Subtle Revelry.


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