Christmas Family Feud Questions and Answers

If you’re looking for a fun game to involve all the family in this Christmas, Family Feud could be perfect. Okay, so we don’t necessarily have access to all of those surveys, and we don’t have Steve Harvey to host, but we can still have great fun with the format and play some Christmas Family Feud with your guests.

Family Feud has racked up over 2,000 episodes since it started in the 1970s, so most people in the US are familiar with how the game show works. Even young kids have probably seen plenty of the viral clips and funny memes involving the show, its enigmatic host, and the hilarious categories.

There are a few different ways you can play around with the categories or the way that the game works. In this guide, we show you how you can use our Christmas Family Feud questions and answers or how you can come up with your own (if your family is big enough).

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How to Start Your Own Family Feud Christmas Game

If you don’t know how Family Feud works and want to get started then you don’t have to let that put you off.

Even if you love the show and watch it religiously, you won’t have the same access to surveys or the same cast and crew, so it is time to get a little bit creative.

The Setup

The setup doesn’t have to be too demanding. You need to divide yourselves into two teams, but remember that there must be a “host”.

It is best if this host is someone who is totally impartial and is able to ask questions without being a part of the game.

This is usually the person who devised the game. So, if you’re reading this now there is every chance you’re going to end up being the host.

How you divide the teams is up to you. It could be spouses against one another, boys vs. girls, or any other division you want. Sometimes it is good to get an even spread of the age generations involved.

What You Need to Make Family Feud Just Like The Real Thing

There are a few items that you can incorporate to make it seem even more like the real televised game we know and love.

  • A pretend podium–this could be as simple as a small table
  • A buzzer (you can get clever apps for smartphones that can serve as buzzers)
  • Dry-erase board and markers with the top answers written on them
  • Strips of paper or stickers to cover the answers for each category
  • A stopwatch–again, apps may come to the rescue here!

Some of these are optional, and Christmas game nights are often all about who can improvise. Everyone will probably end up with their own specific way of playing a Christmas version of Family Feud, and that’s okay! You don’t strictly have to have a physical podium.


When you’ve prepared your teams, your “host” will call up one player from each of the two teams. This is where the first question is asked, and the players can “buzz in” to give their answer.

Whoever buzzes in first gets to have a shot. If they manage to choose the highest-ranked response according to the survey they can take control of the board or choose to pass the category on to the other team.

Get it wrong, and the opposition team can get a chance to “steal” by choosing the higher-ranking answer.

Answers are ranked according to how many people have answered the survey with this answer.

Whichever team is now controlling the board is asked for their responses to the category or question. The host goes along with the whole team, and they’ve each got five seconds to give an answer.

hey can have a maximum of three incorrect answers and if they don’t fill the board with all of the answers on there, the other team can steal the category and the points. They can do this by providing one answer, decided by the team as a collective.

The winner of the game is the team that gets to a predetermined number of points.

This probably all makes sense to you if you have seen the show before. If not, watching for just a few minutes will help you to fully understand what is going on before you get started.

Christmas Family Feud Questions: Your Options

You will need some questions or categories. Without them, the game is pretty pointless. We provide loads of questions and survey answers for you to use below, but there is another option…

Use Existing Surveys and Questions

Whether you use a Christmas Family Feud game download to access ready-made printable charts, or you just use existing questions by finding them online, you can have loads of fun either way.

We’ve collected many of the very best Christmas Family Feud questions and answers below for you to use, taken from actual surveys.

Below, we’ve listed some popular Family Feud questions and categories along with their answers. It makes it much easier if you have a 100 person survey to work from.

 Christmas Family Feud Sample Q1

Name Something People Decorate

Christmas Tree 45 House/Rooms 27
A Cake 19 Easter Eggs 7

Name Something Mrs. Claus Might Leave the North Pole to Escape From

The Cold 33 Santa 31
Annoying Elves 29 Reindeer 3

Name a Popular Christmas Carol or Song

“We Wish You a Merry Christmas” 31 “Jingle Bells” 18
“Frosty the Snowman” 18 “Silent Night” 10
“Joy to the World” 8 “Holly Jolly Christmas” 7
“Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” 7

 Christmas Family Feud Sample Q2

Name a Popular Drink at Christmas Time

Eggnog 40 Mulled Wine 24
Spiced Cider 17 Wine 10
Mimosa 9

Something People Associate With Santa Claus

Presents 25 Elves 18
Mrs. Claus 15 Sleigh 13
Reindeers 12 Beard 10

How Long Before Christmas Should You Send Cards?

Two Weeks 49 Three Weeks 26
One Week 24

 Christmas Family Feud Sample Q3

Other Than Turkey, What Else is Crucial For Christmas Dinner?

Potatoes 38 Dressing/Stuffing 20
Ham 15 Booze 13
Cranberry Sauce 9 Vegetables 3

What is Another Name For Santa?

St. Nicholas/St. Nick 60 Kris Kringle 29
Father Christmas 11

Something People Do on Christmas Day

Open gifts 70 Eat 10
Go to Church 8 Sleep 7
See Family 4

Download the Full List of Christmas Family Feud Questions and Answers

Other Themes For Family Feud Questions

You don’t have to just ask Christmas questions because it is that time of year.

Family Feud is great fun no matter what the categories are. If just the adults are playing, you could make it more risque, but there are a lot of ways in which you can add lots of exciting categories, including:

  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Celebrity trivia
  • Businesses and slogans
  • History

If this is going to become something you do with the family every single year, then you will probably want to keep it fresh with new and exciting themes for your questions.

Fortunately, there are some huge databases of questions that have been asked on the show, and surveys that you can draw upon.

Summary–Family Feud is The Ideal Game For Christmas

If you’re looking for an activity this Christmas to keep everyone interested, that’s suitable for all the age groups, then your own version of Family Feud can be ideal.

Although it requires a little bit of planning and foresight, there are so many different questions and categories that you can find online to help you to build your game, as well as all of the Christmas Family Feud questions we’ve collated in this article. Don’t worry, you don’t need to carry out your own 100-person surveys.

You can even add your own personalized family questions if you have the time to do so, and send out surveys before you take part in the game this Christmas.