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feasting at home

Snapshots of a home relaxed and ready for holiday guests, because it is good to come home for Christmas.

Mismatched bowls were filled with the fragrant meal and we all sat down around that worn wooden table, a gathering place for anyone coming home that day or lucky visitors who might stop by. There was fresh rye bread, that Bellis’ Dad had made using his own ground rye. The table was filled with chatter as we got to know one another.

Bellis’ Dad shared how he had been raised on a family farm just down the road… And then there was Jaime, a Spanish student who had come to stay on the farm as he daydreamed about pursuing life with his hands ever plunged into the soil… and another quiet Danish girl who did not say much but had come just to find a moment of peace and rest in such a peaceful place.

Bellis boasted that the table was full every year and always with a few different faces, but always with the spirit of community, friendship and family.

It made us smile sitting again at that worn wooden table on our farm that had seen many come and go, yet was always there. Always eager to bring everyone together again. It was like a dream. The kind of place one slips away to when the world is too noisy and the soul needs to be soothed by the gentle rhythm of a slower pace and familiar faces.

Tis the season to go home.

Styling and Photography by Tina Fussell for A Subtle Revelry, The Holiday Issue.

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