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Christmas in a bottle

Happy Monday, I believe I’ve finally recovered from the craze of last week. Today I want to share the last project from our holiday at the beach. We filled mason jars with many cute little holiday treasures, wrote a sweet note on a star, tied them up and sent them off into the ocean. We stood with feet in the waves casting out our jars of Christmas joy.

With hopes that they would be found by someone in need of a little holiday cheer.

This would be an amazing project to create and bring around to neighborhood friends, or to leave in public places for a lucky passerby to find. You could even make an adult version to pass out at the office, or send in a package to someone far away. Whichever way you send it, receiving Christmas in a bottle would be an incredibly sweet way to welcome in the season!

Photography credits to Carly Taylor

PS. See the rest of the holiday at the beach photos.


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  1. Ummm… ok, I thought this one was right up my alley when I saw mason jars filled with tiny festive goodies… and then, I scrolled down the page and saw that you sent them out into the ocean, filled with good wishes… and my heart leaped – what a fantastic way to pass on some holiday cheer! I’ll definitely be trying this one in some form or another this Christmas! H xo

  2. wait… I’m confused, you put GLASS jars into the water? … although the sentiment is wonderful, what if that bottle goes out with the tide a bit, the waves bring it back in and it smashed against a rock… or even if it makes it to another area it smashes on arrival… someone is going to get cut by all that broken glass… maybe clear plastic bottles is a better idea?

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