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Christmas survival packs

Christmas survival gifts

We arrived home this weekend to celebrate the Christmas with our family. It is always a treat to visit and see everyone – and it is always a battle to stay sane while traveling, living out of a suitcase, and spending extended time with that family you definitely adore from afar. In honor of all the crazy that will happen this week – I made a few last minute gifts, that double as survival packs. If you are still searching for the perfect way to say Merry Christmas to someone, perhaps a package of sanity is just what they might need.

Printable survival kit gift tags

There are even printable gift tags to go with these very necessary packages. See the template below and start thinking about what would help your favorite people make it through this most joyous, nutty, completely crazy time of year.

Christmas survival pack - sister

The first Christmas survival package goes to your sister who is home from school and so excited to see you:) A pretty necklace to wear when she runs into her ex from high school, Lindt LINDOR chocolate truffles to enjoy while you stay up chatting late at night, a set of polka dot note cards, and a small canister of glitter – because no matter what piece of her wardrobe she forgot… Glitter fixes everything!

Printable survival pack brother

Treat your little brother who just showed up with his new girlfriend to a survival kit that speaks his language. A nostalgic book from your childhood to read as he hangs out by the fire, helicopter balloons, because he’s always ready for a good time, a flashlight so the love birds can take a quick break from mom evening walk, plus a box of a box of Lindt Classic Assorted Chocolates so he can offer the box to her and pretend he is REALLY that smooth.

family Christmas survival pack

A survival kit is also a perfect gift to give the whole family. Here are a few things I like to never travel home without. Something to liven up the mood – like mustaches! Because no matter how tense the 10 year old discussion about who’s hosting Christmas gets, we all have to end up laughing when we are wearing something fun like this. A simple table top game to host a mildly, seriously, overly intense competitive tournament, which is always the perfect way to end a holiday. And a bag of Lindt Lindor truffles to pack a sweet taste for everyones travels home.

Best friend Chirstmas survival kit

For your best friend, who has gone the opposite direction to fare her own joys and battles at home. Send her prepared to deal with the kids, inlaws, cousins, and craziness with her own little 5 minute retreat. A couple taper candles to light, a stash of lavender to sprinkle in the bath, your favorite bottle of wine, a collection of Lindt LINDOR truffles, and a small note reminding her what an awesome friend, mom, wife, human she really is.

Christmas survival kit gift tags

Christmas survival kits

Print out the gift tag templates right here and enjoy last minute gifting of the best kind. Safe travels everyone and wishing you all a week of sane and joyful fun – but just in case there is always chocolate! xoxo

This post is done in promotional partnership with Lindt. Their chocolates are a favorite of mine to gift to everyone on my list. To see more ideas for gifting their yummy treats look here.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Jocelyn Noel).

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