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cinnamon roll campfire cakes


After lighting the first fire of the season we made fun and amazingly good bonfire cakes with cinnamon rolls and frosting! I like to think of them as s’mores with an upgrade.

The cakes are great to make for an after dinner summer dessert and will be perfect for our mid-summer bonfire birthday parties. They’d also be a fun treat to bring along camping.

Camping cakes!

Everyone will be happily surprised with your campfire baking skills.





To make the cakes stack cinnamon rolls two layers deep and roast them over the bonfire. Once the rolls are toasted a bit and cooked through, frost them and enjoy! No need to worry about perfection with this recipe. The messy campfire look is just perfect for relaxed summer fun outdoors.



The cotton candy s’more is another fun and colorful campfire treat!

(Photos by Jocelyn Noel for A Subtle Revelry)

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