Circle Habit Tracker Printable – Making Habit Tracking Fun in 2022!

Habits graduate to becoming part of your routine through repetition. Sounds easy, right? The hard part is not doing the habit but making sure you stay on track and continue doing it every day.

With so many things to keep track of (adulting sucks), your habit might be the last thing on your mind.

With our free circle habit tracker printable, you can make sure you’re keeping to the routine and holding yourself accountable. What’s more, you can personalize your circular habit tracker and make it your own!

Circle Habit Tracker Printable Design Ideas

Circle Habit Trackers

Depending on the habit you are setting, a monthly circle tracker may work better, or maybe even a daily one so you can clearly see your day-to-day activities.

We’re going to take you through each one and suggest some fun things to add to really make your habit tracker stand out!

You can use the same template and customize it to suit your needs.

The Monthly Circle Habit Tracker

The overall design for your circle habit tracker regardless of the time is the same – a big circle split into very small pieces.

For a monthly tracker, you will have 5 consecutive circles within the larger one and they will diminish by size. You can leave the center circle blank or do away with it by filling up the space.

Then you will insert straight lines through the circle to divide up the days for the month. The circles are for the days of the week and the parallel lines will become the days of the month.

How that you’ve set up your monthly template, here are some ideas to get you started on the design. Let your creativity flow and your imagination run wild!

Don’t let our suggestions stop you, do what you want! The below ideas can be added to any habit tracker template.

Fun Things to Add:

  • Leave a space up top on your circle tracker for a few lines of text for motivation. You can add phrases that put a smile on your face and renew your determination to achieve your goals.
  • Color code your circle habit tracker for a pretty sight
  • Instead of colors, you can also use dots or checks to keep track

The Weekly Design

Our weekly circle habit tracker follows the same design idea as the monthly one, but you probably wouldn’t need to split the circle with parallel lines or use the lines but skip the consecutive circles.

Fun Things to Add:

  • Cute designs that are in keeping with the theme of your habit. Eg. Tracking a water drinking habit with cute water bottles and droplets scattered throughout your template
  • Add another category for motivation that states what prize you will get if you keep up with your habit for an entire week for added motivation
  • Add borders for decoration

On The Daily

Daily circle habit trackers are only suited for some habits, such as drinking water. We would recommend the daily tracker for things you have to make sure you do throughout each day.

For the daily tracker, we would divide your habit tracker by the hour. You don’t need to do 24 hours, because you’ll be asleep for 6 to 8 of those hours, so split the tracker by reasonable hours for your routine.

Fun Things to Add:

  • A separate note section for reminders
  • Filling in the chart with cute emojis, symbols and relevant pictures
  • Don’t like color? Go for a black and white theme!

What Habits Can I Track?

Habits I can track

Anything! You can track any habit that takes time to develop. We used water intake as an example, but even something as outside of the box as creating your own DIY time capsule with new things you add every month can also work.

It doesn’t matter the time. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even do a quarterly circle habit tracker or one that goes up to a year! It would need to be quite a large circle, but the sky is the limit!

The best thing about habit trackers is they are completely customizable and there are no rules. It should be something you’re excited about and happy to look at each day, so do whatever you need to make it that way.

Add stickers, add Post-it tabs or notes, maybe even include polaroids and photographs. Maybe your circle tracker is a part of a larger wellness vision board, whatever it is, you can download our circular habit tracker printable free on our site.

Final Takeaway

We’ve stressed this many times throughout the article, but we’re going to reiterate it again because it’s so important. One of the best ways to ensure success is the right mindset in anything you do.

You do not want the circle habit tracker to be a chore or remind you of something you dread, so do what you need to make it something great, starting with the help of our template!