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The Cutest Clay Craft Ideas Ever!

Inside: The cutest clay craft ideas ever!

For the twins recent birthday party, I was on the hunt for clay craft ideas; all because my girlie wanted to participate in the party crafting (note: I will soon have an assistant on my hands!) (Also what do you know about child labor laws? Kidding of course:). We settled on these gems. Which I love so much! Of all the clay craft ideas, these are the easiest to create and make a very bold party statement.

gem clay ideasClay craft ideas


The gems were a great way to top our party favor bags and drinks. Which was great since 35 six-year-olds running around crazy in a balloon fort made all the parents lift their glass for a sip. It was bliss.

Clay craft ideas - gemstones



To make the clay craft gems, start by rolling out bakeable clay onto a firm surface. Cut out the gem shapes with an x-acto knife.

*Pro tip, if you need a template for your clay ideas, download this free page of gem templates. It includes the diamond, square and princess gem options. Just print and cut out with scissors, then place on top of your rolled out clay and cut along the sides with an x-acto knife.

Bake the gems according to your clay package instructions.

Once the gems are cooled to the touch… use a sharpie to draw in gem lines for a finishing touch that will make everything from drinks to favors festively bright.

Clay gem wrapping

Here are a few fabulous clay ideas you can do with these gorgeous gems.

Gem clay craft ideas

1. Wrap presents, Before the gems, are baked use a small toothpick to poke a hole in the top of each gemstone. Thread with string for tying up presents, favors, and maybe Valentines.

2. Use them as drink toppers. Before the gems are baked using a small x-acto knife to make a slit in one of the sides. Be sure the slit is wide enough to fit your glass top and make the slit a triangle shape (larger at the bottom, smaller at the top) to ensure proper balance.

Clay gem drink toppers

3. Make them into ornaments. I know Christmas is a whole year away, but it’s never to early to dream of the next one and these gems will make your tree shine.

4. Top a cake! This jewel birthday cake is made with candies, but the clay ideas gems will fit in perfect as cake toppers.

5. Wrap napkins. Instead of poking one hole in the top of each gem, poke two holes (one in each side). String with a thread and use to tie party napkins, add some of your own gems and jewels for extra party style.

We combined these clay ideas with the diamond party garland to create a “you’re a gem” display for the birthday that was one of my favorites yet.

(Photography © A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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