We are full swing in baby shower season this month. Many of our dear friends are expecting and I have been making these clay house mobiles for them all. They are way easier to make then you would think, and the mobiles give a gorgeous presentation for a bedside or nursery.

To make the clay houses use Sculpey poylmer craft clay. Cut the clay at the perforated lines to form the basic house rectangles. The rectangles can be used as sky scrappers or use an x-acto knife on the rectangle angles to form the house roofs.

A drill bit gently pressed into the clay makes for great windows and the doors can be carved out by lifting the clay gently with the x-acto knife.

Bake the houses according to the package directions with a length of embroidery string run through the center of each house (the string will not burn while baking). Once the houses are baked and cooled, attach to a mobile structure for hanging. Make the houses in batches for simple handmade presents – a thoughtful gift for all the showers you will attend this spring.

Photography done in collaboration with Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry.