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coil rope party coasters

Coil Rope Party Coasters

I like my summer gatherings to be as relaxed as I feel this season. These rope coil coasters quickly set the vibe for a laid back soiree filled with good drinks and great treats.

The use of jute rope in this project is nostalgic. It reminds me of boating and all the bliss that has come from summers gone by. While the addition of painted paper coils on our table brings a fresh and bright feel to this summer’s celebrations. Make a stash of these coil coasters to spread out on a late evening dinner table, and don’t forget to make extras to send home as party favors. Your friends will be begging you for a set!

Coil Rope Party Coasters

Coil Rope Party Coasters

Coil Rope Party Coasters

Coil Rope Party Coasters

To make the coil rope party coasters you’ll need; jute boating rope, plain paper wrapping rope, and spray paint in your favorite summer hues.

Start by making the jute rope coasters. Taking one end of the rope in your hand bend it inward and secure with a drop of hot glue. Continue winding the rope around and gluing in intervals to keep the coaster coil tight. Cut and glue the end into finish each of the coasters off. Once you get coiling you can easily make a set of 6 coasters in under 10 minutes.

Coil Rope Party Coasters

Make the paper rope coasters using the same process. Once the coasters are completed – paint each with your favorite shades of summer. I used my new Rust-Oleum ® Universal® Spray Paints and was really pleased with the gorgeous hues they produced on our paper coils. Although, I ended up liking the jute coasters better in their more natural (unpainted) state. The spray paint has held up to our strong summer sun and drastic afternoon storms greatly so far. I look forward to using these simple beauties, again and again, all season long.

Rust-Oleum ® Universal® Spray Paints offer a variety of on-trend colors and unique finishes and boast the first-of-its-kind 360-degree any-angle delivery system that allows DIYers to tackle those hard to reach areas, even upside down.

(This post was done in promotional partnership with Rust-Oleum ® Universal® Spray Paints. The DIY project and all opinions presented are mines.)

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